Lifetime Warranty

It is the aim of to be your number one choice for buying Fine Jewelry. Our merchandise comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed against defects in manufacturing and craftsmanship. This Warranty does not, however, apply to merchandise that has been subjected to damage by the customer, whether accidental or otherwise, by excessive/inappropriate wear or any sort of abuse that would not fall into the normal category of usage.

Upon delivery, insurance and protection of the merchandise becomes the sole responsibility of the customer, and Edaya Jewelry is not liable for any loss, theft, or resulting damages that may subsequently occur.

Additionally, customers may purchase a Lifetime Warranty which includes:

  • Yearly cleaning
  • Polish and rhodium (when applicable)
  • Re-sizing (if necessary)
  • Replacement of missing side stones*
  • Free shipping label**

This warranty is voided in the event that a non certified Edaya Jeweler tampers with the jewelry in any way.

*Only after being checked by our certified jeweler to make sure the ring has not been tampered with in any way.
** The first return will be paid for and shipping back will always be covered by Edaya Jewelry.


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